Add or Change Connected Artists

You can manage your connected artists through the dashboard page.

Add an Artist

  • Enter an artist’s name into the search box on the ‘Connected Artists’ section of your dashboard:
    • notion image
  • Select the desired artist from the results:
    • notion image
  • Once the artist appears on the card, they’re successfully connected:
    • notion image
  • The search bar will say ‘maximum artists reached’ once you have connected the maximum number of artists allowed for the plan you are subscribed to. You can upgrade your plan on the pricing page.

Change an Artist

  • To change a connected artist, click the delete icon next to the artist’s name:
    • notion image
  • You’ll see a a warning message to notify you that OKTIV.IO will stop collecting data for this artist. You can add them again later, but some historical data will be missing. Once you click ‘agree’, the artist will be deleted:
    • notion image
  • You can now search for a new artist to connect, following the steps outlined in the previous section:
    • notion image
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