Interpret Your Data

You can explore your playlist recommendations on the My Mix page.

My Mix Results

Your My Mix results table has a lot of information about each playlist.
Here’s what each of the columns in the table shows you:
  • Rank: The playlists are ranked by how suitable they are for the artist’s song (1 being the best fit).
  • Name: Playlist name.
  • Followers: The current number of followers the playlist has on Spotify.
  • Description: The playlist description set by the playlist owner on Spotify.
  • Link: Link to open the playlist on Spotify.
  • Features <artist>: Whether the current selected artist has any of their songs featured in the playlist already (yes/no).
  • Genres: The most common genres of the songs featured in the playlist.
  • Most Famous: The name of the artist who has the most followers on Spotify, out of all the artists featured in the playlist.
  • Min. Followers: The lowest number of followers that any artist in the playlist has.
  • # Related Artists: The number of artists featured in the playlist that are related to the selected artist. Related artists are determined by Spotify.
  • # Artists: The total number of artists in the playlist.
  • # Tracks: The total number of tracks in the playlist.
  • % Indie Artists: The % of artists in the playlist who have fewer than 10,000 followers on Spotify.
  • Diversity: The number of artists divided by the number of tracks, as a percentage. For example, if a playlist has 10 tracks, but only 3 artists, it’s diversity score will be 30%.
  • Avg. Tempo: The average tempo of the songs in the playlist, in Beats Per Minute.
  • Avg. Duration: The average length of the songs in the playlist, in minutes and seconds.
  • Contact: The curator’s contact details (if available).
  • Owner: The Spotify username of the curator who owns the playlist.
  • Owner’s Profile: Link to the owner’s profile on Spotify.
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